Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Letter to Colonel Bilezikjian

Commander Bilezikjian,

The strategic situation is reasonably clear. The enemy wishes to penetrate our rear within the next 6 turns. He must be delayed. I plan to delay him at PRNOVO.

By delay, I mean defeat.

I have entrusted you with the command at this front. There are no reserves. If your force is smashed, we may still win the campaign, but I don’t know how. On the other hand, this is the enemy’s main army. He has more troops, but this is the mainstay of his invasion. Defeat this, and his plans are seriously set back. I put it simply- either side can win the campaign regardless of the result tonight. However, the winner here is likely the winner elsewhere.

I have chosen to fight at PRNOVO because of the many advantages of ground which are not quite so bountiful in other parts of the country. I counsel you to make full advantage of these terrain features.

Estonia can rely on you to the hilt,
General Joshua

A message to Colonel Tott at Prnovo

Proud warriors of the Freikorps.

I know that we are being asked to fight on foreign soil. But there are German civilians placing their lives with us and your blood will protect them from the Communist menace. This land for which we fight is rightfully ours and it is our duty to protect its native population.

Our strike MUST be swift and decisive. An aimed sword blow through the heart of the dragon. Time is precious and whatever happens we MUST sweep the enemy from the field. Should we fail in our mission, innocent lives will be lost.

So, men of courage, men of honour and men of action. I urge you forwards for the sake of freedom and justice. Each soldier of the enemy that lives is an arrow that pierces the heart of Germany.

For God, Honour and Freedom.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Turning the Flank at Reval - Turn 1 Part 1

As the railway line in T/R5 Old and New Crossing is destroyed by the Estonians, a Freikorps bombardment reduces morale of the Estonians in T8 Prnovo by 10% (Flight number = 40%).

A Freikorps mobile column of 13 units (Cavalry, Vehicles and Artillery) advances quickly through T5 The Pass into T/R5 Old and New Crossing to assault the enemy troops that are dug in there (2 units: Cavalry and Infantry). Being vastly outnumbered and despite being dug in, the Estonian forces sensibly retire to T8 Prnovo but in the process a platoon each of Estonian Engineers and Nationalist cavalry are captured. The Freikorps mobile column can see from its new vantage point two adjacent occupied areas:

T8 Prnovo
5 units (Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry and Vehicles)
R2 Bald Hill
2 units (Cavalry)

A Freikorps column then advances north through R6 Wooden Bridge and assaults into T8 Prnovo with 19 units (Infantry) using a Breakthrough order. The Estonians have 5 units (Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry and Vehicles) plus the 2 units that retired from T/R5 Old and New Crossing.

(Click for a larger map)

Could we be about to see our first battle?

Freikorps Go Home!


Today the Germans shall throw their full strength at us. At you. At Estonia! Truly I tell unto you, if we do not stand and fight, the very rocks shall cry out! The trees shall throw themselves at the invaders! Behind every boulder, an Estonian, and in every Estonian, a heart of rock!

Our forces are a curtain over the Prnovo river; an iron curtain - The curtain falls on the Freikorps!

And if, out of any hole they crawled, any spies or servants of these German oppressors, shall hear of this, as the whole world will hear, we can only say one thing: in response to tyranny matched with treachery and muscled by the clash of arms and the thunder of hooves, we, and all the free people of the world, can only demand that,

There will be blood!

A Plea to the Good People of Estonia

Soldiers of Estonia. We offer you the chance to surrender to us and we will be merciful. If you offer any resistance we will not be so merciful. We have witnessed the horrors of war and how it can turn a mans mind. We know what happens to families when they receive news that their loved ones have been slain and their bodies left to the crows. We have no fear of this happening, our families are immune to the terrors of the front.

Do you really want to give your families nightmares about their sons? Do you know what the Russians will do to your women whilst you are at the front? We see no need for this and offer you the chance to surrender your arms and go home.

The choice is yours valiant men of Estonia.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Turning the Flank at Reval - Set-up

The Estonian forces are massing to repel the Freikorps invasion. The map shows those forces of which the Freikorps is aware at start.

The Resource Track records your current resource levels for pre-operations actions (see Section 9 of the campaign rules).

The Freikorps has Strategic Initiative.