Friday, 20 May 2011

Freikorps Go Home!


Today the Germans shall throw their full strength at us. At you. At Estonia! Truly I tell unto you, if we do not stand and fight, the very rocks shall cry out! The trees shall throw themselves at the invaders! Behind every boulder, an Estonian, and in every Estonian, a heart of rock!

Our forces are a curtain over the Prnovo river; an iron curtain - The curtain falls on the Freikorps!

And if, out of any hole they crawled, any spies or servants of these German oppressors, shall hear of this, as the whole world will hear, we can only say one thing: in response to tyranny matched with treachery and muscled by the clash of arms and the thunder of hooves, we, and all the free people of the world, can only demand that,

There will be blood!

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