Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Letter to Colonel Bilezikjian

Commander Bilezikjian,

The strategic situation is reasonably clear. The enemy wishes to penetrate our rear within the next 6 turns. He must be delayed. I plan to delay him at PRNOVO.

By delay, I mean defeat.

I have entrusted you with the command at this front. There are no reserves. If your force is smashed, we may still win the campaign, but I don’t know how. On the other hand, this is the enemy’s main army. He has more troops, but this is the mainstay of his invasion. Defeat this, and his plans are seriously set back. I put it simply- either side can win the campaign regardless of the result tonight. However, the winner here is likely the winner elsewhere.

I have chosen to fight at PRNOVO because of the many advantages of ground which are not quite so bountiful in other parts of the country. I counsel you to make full advantage of these terrain features.

Estonia can rely on you to the hilt,
General Joshua

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