Friday, 20 May 2011

Turning the Flank at Reval - Turn 1 Part 1

As the railway line in T/R5 Old and New Crossing is destroyed by the Estonians, a Freikorps bombardment reduces morale of the Estonians in T8 Prnovo by 10% (Flight number = 40%).

A Freikorps mobile column of 13 units (Cavalry, Vehicles and Artillery) advances quickly through T5 The Pass into T/R5 Old and New Crossing to assault the enemy troops that are dug in there (2 units: Cavalry and Infantry). Being vastly outnumbered and despite being dug in, the Estonian forces sensibly retire to T8 Prnovo but in the process a platoon each of Estonian Engineers and Nationalist cavalry are captured. The Freikorps mobile column can see from its new vantage point two adjacent occupied areas:

T8 Prnovo
5 units (Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry and Vehicles)
R2 Bald Hill
2 units (Cavalry)

A Freikorps column then advances north through R6 Wooden Bridge and assaults into T8 Prnovo with 19 units (Infantry) using a Breakthrough order. The Estonians have 5 units (Cavalry, Artillery, Infantry and Vehicles) plus the 2 units that retired from T/R5 Old and New Crossing.

(Click for a larger map)

Could we be about to see our first battle?

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