Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The Battle of Prnovo (Part 1)

The Freikorps drove up the eastern flank of the operations area in force, trying to break through at Prnovo and use the railway to advance further into Estonia. The Estonians, expecting this had destroyed the railway at Old and New Crossing and garrisoned Prnovo strongly. They hoped that an initial defeat could stymie the Freikorps advance before it had really got going.

The Freikorps deploy at the bottom of the map, or enter from off-board on later turns. The defending Estonians deploy in the top half of the map. The Estonians retreating from Old and New Crossing deploy on the western side of the map. Yes, this does mean that they could set up next to the Freikorps. That would almost certainly be a bad thing for them though.

Identified Freikorps forces (count exhausted):
6 Infantry companies
2 Mortars
4 Machine-gun detachments
1 AA Machine-gun

Identified Estonian Forces:
2 Infantry companies (1 clearly understrength)
1 Cavalry company (clearly understrength)
1 Machine-gun detachment
1 Mortar
1 Mark V Tank
2 105mm Howitzers
1 Sopwith Camel

The Battle

The battle progressed slowly as the Freikorps sought to advance on both flanks. On their right flank (bottom of photographs) they came under fire from two 105mm guns that drove one company of Freikorps back into the woods. Meanwhile the advance up the left flank encountered a tank but took no serious damage is it moved through. Casualties on both sides were light but morale seemed brittle. Although the Estonians had taken first and second blood, the Freikorps were able to rout a machinegun that was located in one of the central buildings thus restoring some semblance of honour. However the battle was not yet over.

The development of the battle in pictures (Click the pics for larger images):

The end of the first part with the main movements marked on:

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