Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Battle of Prnovo (Part 2)

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The Freikorps advance continued despite the heavy fire, pausing only to reorder their ranks. Meanwhile the Estonians redeployed one of the 105mm Howitzers to their left flank to shore up the infantry that were now in full rout.

The tank sought to enfilade the Freikorps infantry near it but the troops raced into the shelter of the woods, suffering only disorganisation from its shots.

The Freikorps advance looked unstoppable as the troops advanced through the woods and the corn. Suddenly two previously unseen companies of Estonian infantry jumped up from concealment to ambush the Freikorps troops. This was too much for a Landswehr company and they routed, taking the company behind them along for the ride. The Freikorps on the other flank were made of sterner stuff though. They held on and set up for a firefight.

With the Landswehr companies in full flight, their officers sought to restore order. The first company to rout had had enough. It dispersed with its members heading for Germany. The other was soon back under control though and ready to resume the advance. The other ambush fared less well. The Freikorps companies returned fire with smooth precision while a machinegun enfilade the ambushers' position. This was too much for the Estonians who dispersed homewards, refusing to rally.

The Estonian artillery on the hill now decided to limber up. Their enemies were too close. Will they get away or will they be caught with their limbers down?

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