Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Battle of Prnovo (Part 3)

Reports from the front were not good, so the Estonian general ordered his men to withdraw. The greatest threat to his forces now was the Freikorps company that was racing after the artillery on the hill. They came close to capturing it:

The artillery was able to maintain its distance but came under heavy close-range fire and eventually that told. They galloped off in full rout with the gun bouncing madly behind the limber. Meanwhile, the tank cleared its own path and routed a Freikorps machine-gun before clanking back to join its compatriots. There was little the Freikorps could do to stop it, so their infantry remained hidden in the woods as much as possible.

On the other flank, the other gun covered the retreat of the Estonian infantry, managing to break the Freikorps company that was eagerly pursuing the retreating Estonians before it too limbered and withdrew in good order. All in all, the Estonian colonel conducted the withdrawal perfectly and with a minimum of losses. Unfortunately, Prnovo was now in Freikorps hands.

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