Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Picture Says It All, Really...


One more defeat like that, and we have won the war!

What did we lose? A few good men. Nations are saved by a few good men.

But what did we gain? We have gained glory, and honour as men who have prepared to shed blood for their country! And we have gained enemy dead, crosses on a forgotten hill, to rot and be forgotten, God knows when, but we know how and why.

We know that when we stood at Prnovo, we raised a flag that by the grace of God shall never be taken down! This is the flag of freedom, of the right to sit at home under your own government and your own house; to sit among your own kin, and to live on the land of your ancestors. We fought for that- we fought it well.

Well done, my soldiers! Tomorrow we shall fight again! We shall fight again!

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