Friday, 17 June 2011

Victory will soon be ours!

Most Noble warriors of the Freikorps.

Your stunning victory at Prnovo has shown that you are true heroes of the German people. Your courage has shown how these Estonian dogs cannot match the fighting spirit of our brothers in arms. The whole nation will remember your names with pride and honour. Songs will be sung in ale houses of how you routed the Estonian scum at the Battle of Prnovo.

As I write this message of congratulations, I shed a tear for those men lost to us but my heart hardens at the thought of the revenge and of the price the enemy will pay for their deaths. We will never waiver in the face of the faithless hordes and of those that would seek to invade our homes. The deaths of these bravest of the brave MUST not be in vain. I urge you to yet another advance and to strike hard once again at the enemy. Make him feel your wrath. Cause him to fear your battle cries and to know that the only hope he has is to surrender or die.

As an example of our might, I order that you put to death every third man captured as an example to the enemy of what will happen. If the enemy surrenders we will cease this slaughter, but if he continues to resist, we shall put more of them to needless death.

General von Nicholson

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