Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Battle of the Bluff

Both armies met in force at the Bluff. The Estonians advanced from the south-west while the Freikorps held the Bluff itself. It was going to be a hard battle for the Estonians, rooting out the Freikorps from their holes.

Freikorps movements and positions are in blue in the following photos. Estonians are in red. Click the pictures for larger images.

Both sides were due reinforcements and all arrived except for the Estonian tank.

The Estonians advance towards the Freikorps positions. The Freikorps are all deployed in hidden positions and it is a nerve-wracking time. Suddenly the sound of motors is heard and Freikorps armoured cars emerge from behind the woods.

The Freikorps artillery makes good use of its range. The Estonians begin to take heavy casualties and continue to advance despite this. Freikorps reinforcements arrive, closely followed by an Estonian detachment. Unfortunately the Estonian cavalry is routed immediately, although the armoured car does rout a Landswehr company.

The Estonians decide to retreat following too many casualties.

The Freikorps held the field at the end of the day.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cry Havoc! Let Slip the Hounds of War!


We have waited, we have fought, we have bled, and we have marched. Now we fight again. We’ll finish off this blasted war once and for all.

Soldiers, clean your rifles, grease your stocks, hold your guns with the other hand! Fix the bayonet, grip the sabre, ready the horses! Grip tighter! Fight harder! Shoot straight! Stand like an iron wall! Now is the judgement of the earth, now! Charge!

General J. Letchkainis, officer commanding.