Thursday, 4 August 2011

Onwards to Victory

Men of the Freikorps.

You have once again done yourself proud. Nations stand on the quality of their warriors. Germany is the greatest nation as you have proved to the World.

You stand on the edge of a great victory. You are creating history and a foundation that God has endorsed by giving you the blood of warriors coursing through your veins.

Now is your finest hour and the honour of destroying your enemy falls to you. Colonel Baumer and Colonel Stott, I salute you and your men on performing heroic feats of bravery and showing no fear of the enemy.

Colonel Gudeghast and Colonel Muller, I salute your courage under fire and your ability to lead men against hordes of our enemies and turning a dangerous situation into a winning one.

You shall be decorated with Germany’s highest honour when you defeat the ravaging hordes of Estonian wildmen.

General von Nicholson

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