House Rules and Clarifications

Routed Troops
Troops that have routed from the battlefield suffer an additional +2 modifier when checking for casualties due to retiring.

Routed troops on the winner's side roll for additional casualties using the normal numbers for retiring.

Tank Breakdown
On the turn following a breakdown, a repair attempt is permitted. It will cost 1 resource point. If you want the tank to provide direct support that turn, you must allocate a resource point to it as you would normally in addition to the point for the repair attempt. Thus, to repair a tank and use it in direct support on the same turn will cost you 2 resource points.

If the owner of the tank rolls a 5 or 6, the tank is repaired. Otherwise it is destroyed by the crew. Repair and destruction occur in the resource allocation phase. If no repair attempt is made then the tank is assumed to have been destroyed by the crew.

If, on the turn a tank breaks down, the enemy enters the square containing the tank, then they automatically capture it unless there is a supporting force to defend the square. If the tank has resources allocated for direct support it is placed on the wargames table as normal but is immobile for the battle.